Friday, 4 May 2012


assalamualaikum everybody...
haihh, actually i had deleted my previous posts (all)..heheh..this is bcause of the several severe complications ok!!pity me T.T
YEAHHH..i'm just finished my English Language Camp.what a relief!!! not that i don't like it but i just have thousands of works to do after of the activities was school visit. so, here, i met SK.Paya Kemunting year 5 students.opss,not to say that they were my first students.heheh i'm not a teacher, they also called me and my friends kakak and abang..

                                           (before we left IPDA for school visit.yeah i was smiling
                                            but no one knew how many butterflies in my stomach!!ngee)

the thing is..this is my first experience in handling students.we never expose to this kind of thing yet. i went there with 0 experience..felt extremely nervous at first..but when we arrived there, the children were so friendly and easy to manage. we had played some language games with them. after several times, my nervous flew away sank in their big laughs.thank Allah for helped and eased everything for us.

                                                   (his friends were giving the instructions)  

                                         (they learned about shape)

                                        (and she cried when her cute kakak2 and abg2 sang happy
                                         birthday song to her)heheh

                                 was a success.


  1. nice rebirth of your blog, dear :)
    together we keep up the good effort!!!
    aja2 hwaiting!

  2. hahaha..yeahh..thanks my beloved roommate..!!!

  3. wow..steady la roommate :) nice one anis, keep up the good work