Thursday, 30 May 2013


Assalamualaikum :) hello peeps..
wish all of us be in good condition, healthy, happy and im the happiest person now because it's school break!heheh
hmm, still remember that i went to Langkawi for my SBE?ngee..well actually there were some untold stories behind it..that i didn't have much time to blog them before but i wanted to share them now..yeahh..

i went to Langkawi 3 days earlier before the SBE..and that 3 days coincidentally meant for LIMA (Langkawi International Maritime Aerospace Exhibition) haha.. i mean i didnt arrange my schedule to be arrived there three days earlier so that i could enjoy that LIMA thing..hence, it's quite durian runtuh for me then..becauseeeeee it's my FIRST EXPERIENCE watching, enjoying LIMA.. hewhew and that 'first experience' also triggered me to blog about it..

i took a boat from Jeti Kuala Perlis on Thursday..the jetty was filled with crowds, mcm sardin kot and i was gasping for fresh air!!!!everyone was exciting for LIMA and i was intrigued to know how LIMA exactly was..ngee
mngapa gmbar ni jd kontot?huh

sardin :)
on the first day..i just took a light visit around Kuah and was surprised to see new shopping complex and hotel of Haji Ismail Group(still under construction)..BRAVO!!! aku ter overwhelmed sat kat situ..

taraaa..the real battle began on the third day for the airshow (second day i was at maritime exhibition)..haha klu nk letak smua gmbaq memang tersangtlah bnyk i just picked them up randomly :)

The exhibition was held in the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC) which was not far from the airport. it was divided by two sections; inside(exhibition,where u can gather all the information and free gifts!!!haha) and outside(specialised for the air show)..Lima in Langkawi had attracted various exhibitors from local or even from international aerospace industry..all over the globe such as Australia, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, The UK, and etc. for a clear view on LIMA 2013 you can just click here.. :)


aerotree, KRISAKTI

..and i managed to watch this!!!  by Krisakti :)

exhibition inside the MIEC

The Gripen 


the smokey bendit! (TUDM)

ini baru kelas-ninja!haha

                             still hard to believe that these things happened right in front of my eyes..
never forget :)
..well maybe i got excited because i just cant see people in uniform..i mean like the navy/airforce squad..
you know it comes with the feeling of proud..heheh

plus, the aerobatics from Malaysian pilots were 'WOW'!!! big claps..yeayyy..

but..instead of being overwhelmed/hypnotised by the superb pilots who managed to perform the awesome and 'heart fluttered' aerobatics, i realised that He, is the most powerful who created those pilots :) Subhanallah, Allahuakbar . . . . .

p/s; u can google many other photographs of the airshow..because i had missed some of the interesting aerobatics!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Assalamualaikum and hye peeps!!!

labour day??? guess what? of course the SALE booms!!! yeaayyy..haha 

today i went to Alor Star mall with my friends..but it's not in our actual plan actually (choihh..cover!)haha.. our main agenda was to watch a debate among my friends and the collegian students (KSAH)..hehe sort of friendly gituu..after that, then we went to A.Star mall..


check these out bebeh!!! heheh i bought some long sleeves shirts for my youngest sister..weeee

that's because she kept complaining to me that she had not enough long sleeves shirts..grr what the..
and i was curious why she's so concerned about that..then i asked..
and she told me that "adek xda baju tangan panjang nak pkai dengan tudung..kalau nak pakai tudung kan kena pkai tangan panjang.."(innocent face included)..hahahaha
and..i was like..ok..fine..i made a promise that im gonna by her some then..heheh

i reckon, she is under strong influence by other siblings which are her kakak-kakak yang cantik lg baik hati!haha well, she used to see us wearing hijab before go out and maybe she finds it's something compulsory to be done..hmm maybe..

she loves to wear baju kurung and hijab too but the hijab will not stay any longer on his head because you know..bila kenduri kendara ni a little bit maybe she gets uncomfortable with it, then she'll take it off. 

tapikan.., it's too good that i heard that kind of answer from her..well, she's only 4-YEAR-OLD kot!!!nak taw apa kan..that's impressive what..and im totally glad bout it..Alhamdulillah..

but, i got the main point..the most salient thing is i need to encourage her more and more..regardless the 'on and off' of the hijab thing..haha and SIBLINGS do bring strong influence to each other!!! kakaka ermm maybe lbey obvious kat anak bongsu kot..huhu

~hope the size will fit in..can't wait to see her tomorrow..heheh