Sunday, 24 February 2013

kiddies :)

hello guys..may all of us become a better person than before..amin :)

last Thursday i had Child development class..and we focused on child development in various aspects like physical and cognitive development of every stage (prenatal, infancy, adolescence)..during the presentation by my friends, i was like's so amazing..i mean the growth and development of the zygote, embryo and especially foetus..*thanks u <3

 however, that subject is not the main story..hihi this development of child just made me remembered about my little cousins..heheh..because my family and others had gathered on the previous CNY holiday at my tok's house..huhu we celebrated a birthday party and had a newborn baby's name declaration some more..haha

first of all..the mastermind was my maksu..hihi she planned to have a birthday party for her son, Ammar. the party went on flawlessly except for the "snake" and the "bee" things..kakaka (only we understand these two words completely ok!!!)..kikiki.. Ammar is sooooo cute and i was surprised to see him so chubby that time since i only met him last year..huhu oklah..dont want to type much..just catch these pictures ok.. :)

excited..*tengok perutla kan..kikikiki..aa the right side is harraz

Ammar is in the middle beside her mommy(maksu) :)
birthday boy :P

kak ngah and 'abg comey' hahaha
tell u the food was soooo gooood..heheh

so funny la Ammar..hihi see his jelingan mata..haha

my tummy full already..mmmm *now i want to play football..haha

and later..maksu ti(the above maksu is maksu nora)hikhikhik please dont get mixed-up..haha ok continue.. declared her little princess's name..Izzah Nur Haifa..the baby also sooo cute and didnt cry mom said to my siblings and i "hampa dulu xda la nak dok diam mcm ni..keja triak ja" haha..however pity maksu ti at that time..she couldn't eat everything like us because she's still in her confinement period..haha so funny you know..she kept asking eh kek bole makan x? eh agar2 bole makan x?hihihi sorry naa maksu ti..haha


it was a very good day because we could chit chat together, eat, laugh, cook(not really)haha..ok i miss all of u..have a nice day to all..daa :)

p/s yg tak balik kmpg tu jgn jeles..hahahaha

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

i just want it!!!

first of all.. Alhamdulillah :) becoz i just finished my presentation (assignment) this morning..yeaayyy..100+ slides ok..memang gila lah kan..luckily we got three members in one my other two group members are arip and alif..thanks a lot to both of u for the good job and being so hardworking :)

i feel so released right now..and always think to eat some expensive food as a reward to myself today..ahackkss..

don't ask much..only a glass of ice lemon tea..weee

hmm..i need this banana split..haha

and of course..the big apple..arrgghhhh
who cares about the allowance that still doesn't fill my account??? to go..have sport house training..kikiki..daa..hv a good day guys :)