Wednesday, 26 June 2013

~( ','~) (~ ',' )~

so, you said you might be wrong?
well, i guessed you were totally wrong!!!

Sunday, 16 June 2013



actually hari ni brmulalah kelas utk aku punya second sem but im still in holiday mood..haishhh..still tebayang bayang kemanisan mnghabiskan masa kt rumah, main dgn adik2, masakan ibu, jlan2 sana sini..huaa
but i promise..that i'll get my engine warmer and hotter very soon! haha

so, before that, i would like to thank to these special persons that made my holiday superb..heheh

  • my lovely siblings who just made my day :) miss all of you already :(
  • my beloved friend, Aqilah for spending your time with me exploring KL, P.Dickson and Genting Hinglands. (unforgottable memories!) lagi satu for spending your 10 hours with me from KL to A.Star by train!--> *new experience..haha
  • my beloved cousin K.Nurul and her husband, Abg Zuhairi for the 'rezeqi' ngee..i enjoyed it so much, thanks..and Aqilah's sweet sister and her husband for your kindness..jasamu dikenang!
  • my long-lost friend, Ana for the lunch time, movie time, shopping time and the most important one; workout@GYM time!!!..nk gelak sekarang pown sakit perut weiii..nant kita p lagi na :) haha and for the shawl and keropoks! love them..
  • my beloved mom for making me the best pulut durian ever sbelum balik IPDA..heheh trasa dalam mulut smpai skarang! maceh ibu <3
  • beloved father who always tries your best to fulfill my dream and your hard work! happy father's day, ayah!!! thanks for everything :)
ok..finish with all special im going to prepare myself physically and mentally for tomorrow's classes..meooww..wish me luck guys..


Sunday, 2 June 2013


hye people!!! welcome back for Langkawi part 2..ngee..
the date was on 29/3..(kena faham..aku busy x sempat nk update)hahah

so this time will be Maritime..and the venue was at the Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi..
at first, my friend and i just wandering around the compound and took a look at the helicopters that belong to    Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency(MMEA)..weee and pertunjukan kawad!!! tell u it was amazing! ada abg tu ckp nama dia kawad senyap!-if, and only if im not mistaken..haha

aku pown nk jugak pegang M16..haha
then, i watched maritime demonstrations. they demonstrated certain techniques and skills on how to handle emergency situation and criminal cases. 

kat belakang tu kapal selam :)

on-board..kapal bangladesh kot!hikhikhik
 they came with their culture also..they sold some traditional items from their country. and i bought a jute purse!!! beside this..DHALESHWARI(Bangladesh), there were two more ships that opened for public which were KD JEBAT(Malaysia) and HTMS PHUKET(Thailand)..unfortunately, aku naik yg Dhaleshwari saja sebab cuaca sangatlah memberansangkan hingga boleh membakar muka..sangatlah panas weiii..x tahan eden..

part of the exhibition :) 

ini seram..
while my friend and i were chatting liked crazy then suddenly a car passed by and our jaws dropped!!! it's Tun!!!!! apa lagi..qenyeh sampai telinga and lambai tangan la kan..heheh

then, i waited to board to see other ships from other countries long way around the sea..

ok guys..the end..haha tamatlah cerita LIMA :)