Monday, 29 April 2013


hello readers :)

i got love letter this morning :) made my day!!! ahahaha..but i was touched at first..hmpir mnitiskan air mata tp aku than ja sbb ada test BM time tu..hewhew
well, it's from my beloved sisters Tomato and Azfa..ok mula2 skali let me tell how i met them..

pada suatu hari *efek asap cket..hehe i had volunteered myself to join a camping that was conducted by my usrah members (jadi fasi gituw)'was a camping (memanglah kan) but sort of a motivational camp or programme for orphans at Rumah Gemilang , Sik, Kedah.. from that, we divided into small groups so that every or two of them would get one, we were destined to be in one group ---> Azfa, Tomato and Me :) oh yaa..i used to call her tomato becozzz she likes tomatoes very very very much..haha

ultimately,i had great opportunity to know other people's background there..that less fortunate than me..yet im still not thankful for what i have now :( keep complaining this and that..silly me!

i learnt a lot from them..such strong and cute kids!
and today i received a letter from them..missing them so much..wish that i could visit them again :(

so innocent! it's ok la kids..hope both of u're doing fine there :)

black hijab : Tomato, purple hijab : Azfa..and that's Farah, my friend :)
pengajaran untuk kita semua :) insyaAllah

 “Tahukah kamu orang yang mendustakan hari akhir? Itulah orang yang mengherdik anak yatim dan tidak menganjurkan untuk memberi makan orang miskin.” (Surah Al-Ma’un ayat 1-3) 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

i'm sorry :(

hello there..

currently i have the feeling of guilt toward myself..erk..actually toward my body..heheh mcm pelik ja bunyi dia kan..hewhew..but that's the truth!!! the ugly truth..

these past few days i noticed some of my friends keep saying to me that i lost my weight and it seemed quite obvious..however i didn't feel that way..i thought it's just the same as the previous me..but i did feel a little bit weak or something like didn't have enough energy..hmm

thus, i have a thick guilty feeling toward my body..because i know i didn't take healthy diet recently..huaaaa

dear body,
i'm so sorry that i keep skipping my breakfast these two weeks..
i'm so sorry that i always have a little portion of rice during lunch because i have lost my appetite..
i'm so sorry that i often skip my dinner..
i'm so sorry that i always eat less nutritious food...

i feel bad's ok..tomorrow i'll hunt for food!!!!yeahh..trying to gain weight..weheee

Monday, 15 April 2013

MY 1st School Based Experience..tehee he he

I went to langkawi for one week last two weeks..actually i went there for my School Based Experience (SBE)..heheh SBE is something like we need to do thorough observation at school that we chose and kind of early exposure to the ‘school word’ to us as we are going to be a teacher soon..heheh so I chose SK Padang Matsirat..weheee
 The SBE thing started on 31st March(Sunday) until 4th April(Monday) and I was not alone there. They were two other friends accompanied me..heheh Biha and Qilah..oo thanks a lot  Qilah for letting me stayed at your house..heheh klu x merempat la aku..ngee

when I arrived at the school on the first day, I saw a signboard of Beras Terbakar..then I realised that ooo rupanya Beras Terbakar nih depan skulah ni ja realised it apa lagi kan..there was one day that I immediately crossed the road after school hours and bought souvenirs at Beras Terbakar..haha mudah keja! Besides, I enjoyed everything at that school..the whole environment was good and the most important thing was the’s totally cheap man..huhu maklumla..bila merantau ni kena pndai bajet..hikhik

see!!!told ya..hahaha
There’re so many things that I need to to simplify..i just upload the photos kay..hikhik kan setiap gambar ada ceritanya!!!hahah

There's my favourite part when i went to the Special Education class..seeing those innocent faces that required special needs melted my heart and I always said something like “kenapala dulu aku x amek pendidikan khas hah?”..hihi I always love to know them deeper you know!!! They’re cute themselves J
team nasyid J 

tekun..just like me!haha





so..thats all..nk smbung assignment..hehe daa..klu umur pnjang kita jumpa lagi J