Sunday, 8 September 2013


would you let me SEE BENEATH YOUR PERFECT...

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

~( ','~) (~ ',' )~

so, you said you might be wrong?
well, i guessed you were totally wrong!!!

Sunday, 16 June 2013



actually hari ni brmulalah kelas utk aku punya second sem but im still in holiday mood..haishhh..still tebayang bayang kemanisan mnghabiskan masa kt rumah, main dgn adik2, masakan ibu, jlan2 sana sini..huaa
but i promise..that i'll get my engine warmer and hotter very soon! haha

so, before that, i would like to thank to these special persons that made my holiday superb..heheh

  • my lovely siblings who just made my day :) miss all of you already :(
  • my beloved friend, Aqilah for spending your time with me exploring KL, P.Dickson and Genting Hinglands. (unforgottable memories!) lagi satu for spending your 10 hours with me from KL to A.Star by train!--> *new experience..haha
  • my beloved cousin K.Nurul and her husband, Abg Zuhairi for the 'rezeqi' ngee..i enjoyed it so much, thanks..and Aqilah's sweet sister and her husband for your kindness..jasamu dikenang!
  • my long-lost friend, Ana for the lunch time, movie time, shopping time and the most important one; workout@GYM time!!!..nk gelak sekarang pown sakit perut weiii..nant kita p lagi na :) haha and for the shawl and keropoks! love them..
  • my beloved mom for making me the best pulut durian ever sbelum balik IPDA..heheh trasa dalam mulut smpai skarang! maceh ibu <3
  • beloved father who always tries your best to fulfill my dream and your hard work! happy father's day, ayah!!! thanks for everything :)
ok..finish with all special im going to prepare myself physically and mentally for tomorrow's classes..meooww..wish me luck guys..


Sunday, 2 June 2013


hye people!!! welcome back for Langkawi part 2..ngee..
the date was on 29/3..(kena faham..aku busy x sempat nk update)hahah

so this time will be Maritime..and the venue was at the Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi..
at first, my friend and i just wandering around the compound and took a look at the helicopters that belong to    Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency(MMEA)..weee and pertunjukan kawad!!! tell u it was amazing! ada abg tu ckp nama dia kawad senyap!-if, and only if im not mistaken..haha

aku pown nk jugak pegang M16..haha
then, i watched maritime demonstrations. they demonstrated certain techniques and skills on how to handle emergency situation and criminal cases. 

kat belakang tu kapal selam :)

on-board..kapal bangladesh kot!hikhikhik
 they came with their culture also..they sold some traditional items from their country. and i bought a jute purse!!! beside this..DHALESHWARI(Bangladesh), there were two more ships that opened for public which were KD JEBAT(Malaysia) and HTMS PHUKET(Thailand)..unfortunately, aku naik yg Dhaleshwari saja sebab cuaca sangatlah memberansangkan hingga boleh membakar muka..sangatlah panas weiii..x tahan eden..

part of the exhibition :) 

ini seram..
while my friend and i were chatting liked crazy then suddenly a car passed by and our jaws dropped!!! it's Tun!!!!! apa lagi..qenyeh sampai telinga and lambai tangan la kan..heheh

then, i waited to board to see other ships from other countries long way around the sea..

ok guys..the end..haha tamatlah cerita LIMA :)


Thursday, 30 May 2013


Assalamualaikum :) hello peeps..
wish all of us be in good condition, healthy, happy and im the happiest person now because it's school break!heheh
hmm, still remember that i went to Langkawi for my SBE?ngee..well actually there were some untold stories behind it..that i didn't have much time to blog them before but i wanted to share them now..yeahh..

i went to Langkawi 3 days earlier before the SBE..and that 3 days coincidentally meant for LIMA (Langkawi International Maritime Aerospace Exhibition) haha.. i mean i didnt arrange my schedule to be arrived there three days earlier so that i could enjoy that LIMA thing..hence, it's quite durian runtuh for me then..becauseeeeee it's my FIRST EXPERIENCE watching, enjoying LIMA.. hewhew and that 'first experience' also triggered me to blog about it..

i took a boat from Jeti Kuala Perlis on Thursday..the jetty was filled with crowds, mcm sardin kot and i was gasping for fresh air!!!!everyone was exciting for LIMA and i was intrigued to know how LIMA exactly was..ngee
mngapa gmbar ni jd kontot?huh

sardin :)
on the first day..i just took a light visit around Kuah and was surprised to see new shopping complex and hotel of Haji Ismail Group(still under construction)..BRAVO!!! aku ter overwhelmed sat kat situ..

taraaa..the real battle began on the third day for the airshow (second day i was at maritime exhibition)..haha klu nk letak smua gmbaq memang tersangtlah bnyk i just picked them up randomly :)

The exhibition was held in the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC) which was not far from the airport. it was divided by two sections; inside(exhibition,where u can gather all the information and free gifts!!!haha) and outside(specialised for the air show)..Lima in Langkawi had attracted various exhibitors from local or even from international aerospace industry..all over the globe such as Australia, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, The UK, and etc. for a clear view on LIMA 2013 you can just click here.. :)


aerotree, KRISAKTI

..and i managed to watch this!!!  by Krisakti :)

exhibition inside the MIEC

The Gripen 


the smokey bendit! (TUDM)

ini baru kelas-ninja!haha

                             still hard to believe that these things happened right in front of my eyes..
never forget :)
..well maybe i got excited because i just cant see people in uniform..i mean like the navy/airforce squad..
you know it comes with the feeling of proud..heheh

plus, the aerobatics from Malaysian pilots were 'WOW'!!! big claps..yeayyy..

but..instead of being overwhelmed/hypnotised by the superb pilots who managed to perform the awesome and 'heart fluttered' aerobatics, i realised that He, is the most powerful who created those pilots :) Subhanallah, Allahuakbar . . . . .

p/s; u can google many other photographs of the airshow..because i had missed some of the interesting aerobatics!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Assalamualaikum and hye peeps!!!

labour day??? guess what? of course the SALE booms!!! yeaayyy..haha 

today i went to Alor Star mall with my friends..but it's not in our actual plan actually (choihh..cover!)haha.. our main agenda was to watch a debate among my friends and the collegian students (KSAH)..hehe sort of friendly gituu..after that, then we went to A.Star mall..


check these out bebeh!!! heheh i bought some long sleeves shirts for my youngest sister..weeee

that's because she kept complaining to me that she had not enough long sleeves shirts..grr what the..
and i was curious why she's so concerned about that..then i asked..
and she told me that "adek xda baju tangan panjang nak pkai dengan tudung..kalau nak pakai tudung kan kena pkai tangan panjang.."(innocent face included)..hahahaha
and..i was like..ok..fine..i made a promise that im gonna by her some then..heheh

i reckon, she is under strong influence by other siblings which are her kakak-kakak yang cantik lg baik hati!haha well, she used to see us wearing hijab before go out and maybe she finds it's something compulsory to be done..hmm maybe..

she loves to wear baju kurung and hijab too but the hijab will not stay any longer on his head because you know..bila kenduri kendara ni a little bit maybe she gets uncomfortable with it, then she'll take it off. 

tapikan.., it's too good that i heard that kind of answer from her..well, she's only 4-YEAR-OLD kot!!!nak taw apa kan..that's impressive what..and im totally glad bout it..Alhamdulillah..

but, i got the main point..the most salient thing is i need to encourage her more and more..regardless the 'on and off' of the hijab thing..haha and SIBLINGS do bring strong influence to each other!!! kakaka ermm maybe lbey obvious kat anak bongsu kot..huhu

~hope the size will fit in..can't wait to see her tomorrow..heheh


Monday, 29 April 2013


hello readers :)

i got love letter this morning :) made my day!!! ahahaha..but i was touched at first..hmpir mnitiskan air mata tp aku than ja sbb ada test BM time tu..hewhew
well, it's from my beloved sisters Tomato and Azfa..ok mula2 skali let me tell how i met them..

pada suatu hari *efek asap cket..hehe i had volunteered myself to join a camping that was conducted by my usrah members (jadi fasi gituw)'was a camping (memanglah kan) but sort of a motivational camp or programme for orphans at Rumah Gemilang , Sik, Kedah.. from that, we divided into small groups so that every or two of them would get one, we were destined to be in one group ---> Azfa, Tomato and Me :) oh yaa..i used to call her tomato becozzz she likes tomatoes very very very much..haha

ultimately,i had great opportunity to know other people's background there..that less fortunate than me..yet im still not thankful for what i have now :( keep complaining this and that..silly me!

i learnt a lot from them..such strong and cute kids!
and today i received a letter from them..missing them so much..wish that i could visit them again :(

so innocent! it's ok la kids..hope both of u're doing fine there :)

black hijab : Tomato, purple hijab : Azfa..and that's Farah, my friend :)
pengajaran untuk kita semua :) insyaAllah

 “Tahukah kamu orang yang mendustakan hari akhir? Itulah orang yang mengherdik anak yatim dan tidak menganjurkan untuk memberi makan orang miskin.” (Surah Al-Ma’un ayat 1-3) 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

i'm sorry :(

hello there..

currently i have the feeling of guilt toward myself..erk..actually toward my body..heheh mcm pelik ja bunyi dia kan..hewhew..but that's the truth!!! the ugly truth..

these past few days i noticed some of my friends keep saying to me that i lost my weight and it seemed quite obvious..however i didn't feel that way..i thought it's just the same as the previous me..but i did feel a little bit weak or something like didn't have enough energy..hmm

thus, i have a thick guilty feeling toward my body..because i know i didn't take healthy diet recently..huaaaa

dear body,
i'm so sorry that i keep skipping my breakfast these two weeks..
i'm so sorry that i always have a little portion of rice during lunch because i have lost my appetite..
i'm so sorry that i often skip my dinner..
i'm so sorry that i always eat less nutritious food...

i feel bad's ok..tomorrow i'll hunt for food!!!!yeahh..trying to gain weight..weheee

Monday, 15 April 2013

MY 1st School Based Experience..tehee he he

I went to langkawi for one week last two weeks..actually i went there for my School Based Experience (SBE)..heheh SBE is something like we need to do thorough observation at school that we chose and kind of early exposure to the ‘school word’ to us as we are going to be a teacher soon..heheh so I chose SK Padang Matsirat..weheee
 The SBE thing started on 31st March(Sunday) until 4th April(Monday) and I was not alone there. They were two other friends accompanied me..heheh Biha and Qilah..oo thanks a lot  Qilah for letting me stayed at your house..heheh klu x merempat la aku..ngee

when I arrived at the school on the first day, I saw a signboard of Beras Terbakar..then I realised that ooo rupanya Beras Terbakar nih depan skulah ni ja realised it apa lagi kan..there was one day that I immediately crossed the road after school hours and bought souvenirs at Beras Terbakar..haha mudah keja! Besides, I enjoyed everything at that school..the whole environment was good and the most important thing was the’s totally cheap man..huhu maklumla..bila merantau ni kena pndai bajet..hikhik

see!!!told ya..hahaha
There’re so many things that I need to to simplify..i just upload the photos kay..hikhik kan setiap gambar ada ceritanya!!!hahah

There's my favourite part when i went to the Special Education class..seeing those innocent faces that required special needs melted my heart and I always said something like “kenapala dulu aku x amek pendidikan khas hah?”..hihi I always love to know them deeper you know!!! They’re cute themselves J
team nasyid J 

tekun..just like me!haha





so..thats all..nk smbung assignment..hehe daa..klu umur pnjang kita jumpa lagi J