Sunday, 16 September 2012

the ON & OFF


Well, it's quite a long time since my last entry..heheh..hurmm ON and OFF???

Do you have any idea of what im going to tell u bout ON and OFF???
WHAT many on and off..pfftt..ok, for me on and off are just like a syndrome, a virus, a disease or whatever.
u know, it means like when something that should be an 'everyday' routine and i just do it 'sometimes' hewhew
  • first example : facial product (not the mascara or eye liner or whatever but smthing like oil control cleanser, serum, toner, moisturising cream and so on)hehe i mean these kinds of things we need to put on our faces regularly right?(bagi yang mngamalkannya la)kay fine, everyday!hehe but i never manage to make it anis boo!!!

my best achievement is one week..then, i stop applying it on my face for two weeks (perhaps the button is off)haha and then start to apply it again..the button is on again!!!

  • second example : physical exercise/game is really bad to have on and off button in exercising ok!!!

well, last two weeks, once i went to game training after one month hibernation in room every evening, i got the punishment. all my body parts were so in pain. i could not move well in whatever i was doing.
(nk gelak pown sakit taw!!!)  
all the way to my class i pretended that i could walk steadily..but Allah knows better :)
 inside, i was suffering! T,T grrrr..
maybe at that time all my muscles were stiff and rigid and had a gigantic shock after a sudden exercise.hmm

so, thats are my story bout ON and OFF..HEHE pathetic kan?luckily i dont have the on and off button on having a bath..seriously ok!kakaka well, please trust me!hahax and i hope i really dont have that
ON and OFF button on myself ;P


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