Tuesday, 19 February 2013

i just want it!!!

first of all.. Alhamdulillah :) becoz i just finished my presentation (assignment) this morning..yeaayyy..100+ slides ok..memang gila lah kan..luckily we got three members in one group..so my other two group members are arip and alif..thanks a lot to both of u for the good job and being so hardworking :)

i feel so released right now..and always think to eat some expensive food as a reward to myself today..ahackkss..

don't ask much..only a glass of ice lemon tea..weee

hmm..i need this banana split..haha

and of course..the big apple..arrgghhhh
who cares about the allowance that still doesn't fill my account???hahaha...ok..got to go..have sport house training..kikiki..daa..hv a good day guys :)

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