Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Assalamualaikum and hye peeps!!!

labour day??? guess what? of course the SALE booms!!! yeaayyy..haha 

today i went to Alor Star mall with my friends..but it's not in our actual plan actually (choihh..cover!)haha.. our main agenda was to watch a debate among my friends and the collegian students (KSAH)..hehe sort of friendly gituu..after that, then we went to A.Star mall..


check these out bebeh!!! heheh i bought some long sleeves shirts for my youngest sister..weeee

that's because she kept complaining to me that she had not enough long sleeves shirts..grr what the..
and i was curious why she's so concerned about that..then i asked..
and she told me that "adek xda baju tangan panjang nak pkai dengan tudung..kalau nak pakai tudung kan kena pkai tangan panjang.."(innocent face included)..hahahaha
and..i was like..ok..fine..i made a promise that im gonna by her some then..heheh

i reckon, she is under strong influence by other siblings which are her kakak-kakak yang cantik lg baik hati!haha well, she used to see us wearing hijab before go out and maybe she finds it's something compulsory to be done..hmm maybe..

she loves to wear baju kurung and hijab too but the hijab will not stay any longer on his head because you know..bila kenduri kendara ni a little bit maybe she gets uncomfortable with it, then she'll take it off. 

tapikan.., it's too good that i heard that kind of answer from her..well, she's only 4-YEAR-OLD kot!!!nak taw apa kan..that's impressive what..and im totally glad bout it..Alhamdulillah..

but, i got the main point..the most salient thing is i need to encourage her more and more..regardless the 'on and off' of the hijab thing..haha and SIBLINGS do bring strong influence to each other!!! kakaka ermm maybe lbey obvious kat anak bongsu kot..huhu

~hope the size will fit in..can't wait to see her tomorrow..heheh