Sunday, 16 June 2013



actually hari ni brmulalah kelas utk aku punya second sem but im still in holiday mood..haishhh..still tebayang bayang kemanisan mnghabiskan masa kt rumah, main dgn adik2, masakan ibu, jlan2 sana sini..huaa
but i promise..that i'll get my engine warmer and hotter very soon! haha

so, before that, i would like to thank to these special persons that made my holiday superb..heheh

  • my lovely siblings who just made my day :) miss all of you already :(
  • my beloved friend, Aqilah for spending your time with me exploring KL, P.Dickson and Genting Hinglands. (unforgottable memories!) lagi satu for spending your 10 hours with me from KL to A.Star by train!--> *new experience..haha
  • my beloved cousin K.Nurul and her husband, Abg Zuhairi for the 'rezeqi' ngee..i enjoyed it so much, thanks..and Aqilah's sweet sister and her husband for your kindness..jasamu dikenang!
  • my long-lost friend, Ana for the lunch time, movie time, shopping time and the most important one; workout@GYM time!!!..nk gelak sekarang pown sakit perut weiii..nant kita p lagi na :) haha and for the shawl and keropoks! love them..
  • my beloved mom for making me the best pulut durian ever sbelum balik IPDA..heheh trasa dalam mulut smpai skarang! maceh ibu <3
  • beloved father who always tries your best to fulfill my dream and your hard work! happy father's day, ayah!!! thanks for everything :)
ok..finish with all special im going to prepare myself physically and mentally for tomorrow's classes..meooww..wish me luck guys..



  1. my pleasure come again.will share more rezQi with you in your next visit:)heyyyy please uploaddddd photosssss!

  2. everybody is enjoying your visit here anis, please please come again, and dont forget to bring aqilah as well. your POU game which u installed to my fon just menghantui syifa and syamil,hikhikhik.keep holding my fon purposely to feed POU,hikhikhik. aqilah dearest, do keep in touch, in the event you come to kl, please drop by to my house.miss both of you.syifa and syamil feel the same way too.all the besh anis for your 2nd you sis!

    1. waaaa..nak nangis la mcm ni..haha sejak bla pndai tulis touching2 ni..haha naluri keibuan anda terserlah..insyaAllah k.nurul..miss u :)

  3. anis, want to share something with you, hikhikhik, tonight mak will be cominggggggggg to kl.HOORAYYYYYYYYy, besh besh. dunno whether to take leave or half day leave.plan to bring mak to Jakel to find her baju raya,hikhik:)