Monday, 11 June 2012

Pantai Cahaya Bulan

 nice view here..children were playing their kite was so calm and the sea breeze blew gracefully all the it~



  1. your shoes is super cute, is it made in kelantan:)

  2. beautiful view, the beach seemed no violance by people, fyi, we just went to PD last weekend, seriously enjoying our FREE trip, abg zuhairi went to audit his client, a 5 star Hotel, just imagine we stay free, we ate free buffet, nyummmyyyy:)reallyyyyyy great trip!!!!

  3. anissssssss, misshhhh you a lot sis!

  4. end of the year, hopefully kl photo will be posted here, i prayyy hardddd, you girlzzzzzz spend your holiday here:)

    1. hahaha..hey kasut tu cek bli kat aloq staq naaa..haha..syoknyaaaaa mlncong free..x acii!!anyway mishhhh u too..haha insyaAllah..i will spend my holiday in KL next time..perhaps end of this sem after my FINAL EXAM..wuarghh..then, i will brfoya foya with u, supermommy..heheh


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