Friday, 29 June 2012

RED In Action

hello guys..
do u smell something that just come out fresh from the oven?? well, i do..heheh
bau kedai! friend, mira has bought a new bicycle and u know what?'s cute :) ooyeahh

miraaa..bau kedai!!! ngeee
waaa..this picture is so sweet of us kan??haha
nampak ayu ja bila kayuh taw :p..


  1. wowwww my new gegurl is in ur blog! alala tenkiu tanis~ naty u bleh la pinjam buat p racing. kah3.
    aihhh yg anis punya bila? :p

    1. haha..ur welcome..alaaa nant la kot..heheh coming soon..kakaka


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