Tuesday, 29 January 2013

jiwa KACAU

hye evrybody :)
i'm not in a good mood now..huaaaa..rsa mcm nk mrah/nangis/throwing things/jerit kat bntal ja..but dont know why..(ishh complicated aku neh!) well..perempuan..memanglah kan..ngeee..and thats why i put the title jiwa KACAU..the degree of the KACAU itself is infinity...i think the best place for me now is HOME (alasan!) :)..ibuuuu.........huaaaaa

tsk tsk tsk..*lap hingus

ok..lets make the environment change..so turn the volume to the max!!!yaww..and my later stories will not get along with the title..heheh

well i dont know how much im being so clumsy/careless until these unfortunate events happened to me :(


this unfortunate event happened few years back.i went to a celcom booth to get a celcom broadband.then, in order to register it, i brought my mom's ID card since i wasnt 18 yet..so, the registration went on flawlessly and i went back home happily and couldnt wait to on9..haha..and suddenly my mom asked her ID card from me..emotionless, i opened my purse and looked forward to her ID card..and it's not there..nerveless, i looked into my bag and tried to check it thoroughly and the ID card wasnt there also..suddenly my heart skipped a beat!!!where's the card went??? this is crazy man!!!ID card ok..not business card..grr..then i told my mom that i probably left her card at the celcom booth..yeahh my mom was out of her "cool", so angry with me..and she said "hampa ni cuai la!!!" and i looked at my sisters..we stood still..i was so sad and felt so sorry for her..without any word, i went to the celcom booth again and luckily they kept my mom's ID card :)


this event happened few weeks ago.,i accompanied my sister to buy her school uniform.while waiting for her, i bought some slices of mango..then, we went to a stationary store to buy some stuff..i found a paper tray and i was really into it since i wanted it for so long..i checked that stuff closely and it took about 2o minutes (fussy!)haha..finally i bought it and we went back home..suddenly my sis realised that one of our shopping bags was missed..arghhhh..i didnt know where the lost bag was dropped..tension..got the instinct that the bag probably at the stationary store..my sis and i went there again..huh..memalukan..my sis entered the store and saw the bag..and she said "kak, wat malu ja..dahla pelam ang tu jatuh kat lantai!"haha..i was like,,erkk ok..and we chow fast...


this happened to me last week..my sis that studies at boarding school came back home since it's holiday..we went out together to settle our work and of course we did some shopping..i parked at one place and we walked at every place!!!this was mad!!!we went to supermarket, photography shop, watson, stationary store, supermarket again, fabric shop, farmacy, supermarket again, gift shop and we went home..phewww..and suddenly i noticed that one bag missed.grrr..i was really tired at that time..there're our biscuits n other "hostel stuff" in that bag..rasa nk jerit satu rmah..my mom said "tu nk p kdai mna satu cari bag tu..bnyk sngt kedai yg p"..*pengsan..with lucky instinct again,,i went to photography shop..and taraaa.. it was there...


till these unfortunate events happened on me, i began to realise how careless/clumsy/forgetful/serabut i am..*sigh..and im 20, soon,,*double sigh grrrr..kira jiwa KACAU la jugak ni kan..haha x lari tjuk sngt lah..haha
*ok..lpas neh nk ikat smua plastik bag kat leher..



  1. Anis, the photo did not potray you well, it would be better to put aneecha's photo while she was crying:) but nowadays, since she is a big gurl, she less cry, yet she always emotional. don be to worry sis. To be forgetful and clumsy nowadays is a norm. we are surrounded by too many important things and responsibilities. therefore it would lead us to be careless sometimes, especially for ladies like us. dont think too much. please ensure you would be more carefull after this. from now onwards please bring nurul alia together if you wish to shop since i think, she is very helpful. ask her to hold all the things you shopped.hahahaha. we do not mean to bully her, but nurul alia is a very helpful, responsible and good hearted girl. she sure kembang if you tell her kak nurul praise her here.hahahaha.okay la dear. need to continue work although you know, i always goyang kaki here. cioaw sis. please take care of yourself. i love you:)

    1. hahaha..yeahhh really inspiring la your comments..hahaha matured gituu..thanks k.nurul..yeah it's norm..but sometimes, it tiring to thing twice..haha..nurul alia is always helpful but easily get bored..always asks to get home fast while shopping..haha btw, gonna tell about ur praises..haha ok..love u more :)

  2. like we gossip thru fon just now, please change your mind to do the sbp thing at ssat, hahahah,sure all the teachers know you well. and nurul alia confirms to be the happiest student there to receive a 'teacher to be' like you:)!on the other hand, if your plan to teach at langkawi proceed, please contact abg mat. tell him you want to stay at his homestay for free, hahaha

    1. sbe lah(School Based Experience)..hehe..oo please..as u know i just want to explore new things and love to see other places..so let me menyelam smbil mnum air..i can kill two birds in one time here..lalalalala..sure..later i'll tell him..but not to stay..just to tengok2 ja laa..haha