Sunday, 10 March 2013

A twenty - year - old LADY officially 20 today..yeayyy!!!!but still can't believe it..haha
thanks to Allah for giving me the opportunity to stay alive 20 years!!!Alhamdulillah :) quite a big number kan..hihi klu org tua ckap tu.."dh bley kawin dah"..haha

sometimes it comes to my mind that "..hmm..dh twenty..what should i do huh?"

well..i got the answers..haha
all i want is to be myself,
live life to the fullest,
be kind & humble, 
devoted to my family,
and of course to be a good servant of Allah :)

and i feel like thanks to infinity to my parents who always take care of me, educate me, love me since i was born, since i was a little kid ...

cant remember the year :( ..haha

miss all the gowns..haha
kecik2 pown dh pandai buat hidung kembang ok!  =D

 and until now, a lady :) hikhikhik

p/s : klu nk tmuntah tngok gmbar, sila p jauh2 ok.haha

waa..before i forget, thank you very very much for all the birthday wishes from my dearest family, friends,lecturers, etc. :)
may Allah bless all of us, 
grant us with happiness :)



  1. to anis farzana bt zulkarnai, first of all, happy 20th birthday, may Allah bless you. your baby photos really remind me the time i dukung you are a big girl, so called lady. enjoy your life. please strive for the best and remember of Allah. take care my sis!i love you so much!

    1. hahaha..thanks kak nurul..sure, will do :) love u too :)

  2. anis, your birthday present is yet to post. please be patient.once it is on the way, will keep you informed. abg zuhairi, syifa irdina and syamil ikrami all wish you have a wonderful birthday. so what did nurul alia n nurul ain give you? not to forget, aneecha chopia. for sure she gave you a huge kiss:)okayla anis, got to go, need to start work in monday mood blues:(

    1. yeayyy..kikiki ok..miss all of them too..syifa n syamil mest dh besar ckit kan?hahaha they didn't give me anything so far except for the big hug..but dont worry..gonna tuntut from them this weekend..hahaha ok..have a nice day kak nurul :)

  3. tanis comeiiiii.. haha mcm nicaaa laaaaa.. sbijik..rmbut jer lain..hihi..hppy besday sweetieeee..may Allah always guide u in everything u u.. ^__^

  4. hahaha...kan, kan, memang comeiii pown!!!kakaka..thank you mira syg <3