Thursday, 14 March 2013

helpLESS & hopeLESS

helloooo guys :)

first of all..i want to scream and shout and let it all out and scream and shout and let it out YEAAAAYYYYY!!!! motif? hehe because finally, it's weekend!!! rasa mcm nk lompat tinggi awan..and feel like huge load is slowly disappearing from my back...hmm actually these weekdays are more than tough weekdays for me..marathon in my room, for assignments, sport's day, BIG(bina insan guru) and many more..

but the saddest thing is the condition of my room (my bed and my study table) :(  it's HELPLESS and HOPELESS..full of papers, books, pillows are scattered around, blanket remains unfolded these past 2 days haih..tell u it's a real hopeless mess..

when im about to leave for class and coming back from class i feel so terrible and want to's not that i don't want to tidy up everything but im too tired and have not enough time this week..sometimes i feel like it's just a waste of energy since the tidiness will last only for 2 days and the chaos will take place again!!! phew..oh i that bad?haha just imagine, yesterday i slept at almost 4am and woke up at 6.20am, rushing to finish up my assignments, draft assignment, iron my baju kurung and i accidentally struck the souvenir bags(also scattered around my locker) for lecturers for our BIG programme..thank god there was no mug broken!! and i was late 10 minutes today..the class started at 9am..luckily the lecturer was not entering the class yet!!!...hewheww hmm quite a challenging day, isn't it?hahaha

and just now my roommate just asked me "ni awat yg dok tang ni?" (pointing at my body splash on my study table) kakakaka..tahan gelak ja when she asked..and my peanut butter also on my study table!grrr things are put at the wrong place recently..hahaha alamak!!!mcm mna la nk kawin klu mcm ni.. :(

whatever it is..i believe that it's just random bad days not a bad life!!!think positive ok..heheh
ok now im waiting for my father to pick me coming home!!!my mom was already off to langkawi and tomorrow my father will be going to kelantan..and im going to berjimba with my kepoh sisters,mak and abah..yeaayyy..

so wish u a happy weekend :) dont forget to tidy up your room!haha


  1. sama la keadaan bilik kite yg tertunggang langgang..hahahahaha

  2. sedihkan..huaaa tapikan tiraa..TERtunggang tu style!hahaha

  3. hye dear..suka header blog awk..awk buat sndiri ke?:)

    1. haha..thanks :)xda la..copy n paste x ingt ambil dr blog spa ntah dlu..hewhew