Monday, 29 April 2013


hello readers :)

i got love letter this morning :) made my day!!! ahahaha..but i was touched at first..hmpir mnitiskan air mata tp aku than ja sbb ada test BM time tu..hewhew
well, it's from my beloved sisters Tomato and Azfa..ok mula2 skali let me tell how i met them..

pada suatu hari *efek asap cket..hehe i had volunteered myself to join a camping that was conducted by my usrah members (jadi fasi gituw)'was a camping (memanglah kan) but sort of a motivational camp or programme for orphans at Rumah Gemilang , Sik, Kedah.. from that, we divided into small groups so that every or two of them would get one, we were destined to be in one group ---> Azfa, Tomato and Me :) oh yaa..i used to call her tomato becozzz she likes tomatoes very very very much..haha

ultimately,i had great opportunity to know other people's background there..that less fortunate than me..yet im still not thankful for what i have now :( keep complaining this and that..silly me!

i learnt a lot from them..such strong and cute kids!
and today i received a letter from them..missing them so much..wish that i could visit them again :(

so innocent! it's ok la kids..hope both of u're doing fine there :)

black hijab : Tomato, purple hijab : Azfa..and that's Farah, my friend :)
pengajaran untuk kita semua :) insyaAllah

 “Tahukah kamu orang yang mendustakan hari akhir? Itulah orang yang mengherdik anak yatim dan tidak menganjurkan untuk memberi makan orang miskin.” (Surah Al-Ma’un ayat 1-3) 


  1. alaaa manje sgt niiii~ heee rindu kan kt adik2 tu? waaaaa Y.Y

  2. Ya Allah suwitnya Tomato and Azfa.. :') Jom nanti pi ziarah depa. :) Insha Allah