Tuesday, 16 April 2013

i'm sorry :(

hello there..

currently i have the feeling of guilt toward myself..erk..actually toward my body..heheh mcm pelik ja bunyi dia kan..hewhew..but that's the truth!!! the ugly truth..

these past few days i noticed some of my friends keep saying to me that i lost my weight and it seemed quite obvious..however i didn't feel that way..i thought it's just the same as the previous me..but i did feel a little bit weak or something like didn't have enough energy..hmm

thus, i have a thick guilty feeling toward my body..because i know i didn't take healthy diet recently..huaaaa

dear body,
i'm so sorry that i keep skipping my breakfast these two weeks..
i'm so sorry that i always have a little portion of rice during lunch because i have lost my appetite..
i'm so sorry that i often skip my dinner..
i'm so sorry that i always eat less nutritious food...

i feel bad now..grrrr..it's ok..tomorrow i'll hunt for food!!!!yeahh..trying to gain weight..weheee

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