Sunday, 27 January 2013

adek :)

hello guys :) salam sejahtera..heheh
i want to do some work actually, but im so sleepy right now..thus, i end up typing this blog..hewhew

while i was belek2 all my pictures then, i found some funny pictures of my youngest sister..and that time i was cutting her hair!!!hahaha i repeat, CUTTING HER HAIR..miahaha..yeahh im about to laugh every time i saw those pictures. before that hair cutting tragedy, i called her..than she asked me to come back home fast..

"k.nish bila nak balik?adik nak gunting rmbut nii"
"lmbat lagi la..knapa nk gunting?"
"rmbut depan ni pnjaaanng laa..adik riiimassss laaaa..bila adik tunduk dia msuk mata."
haha at that time i was laughing at her intonation, she was like mkcik tua..haha

 i still remember how my mother and i struggling to death(tipu gila) to cut her's because she always turned her head here and there, adjusted her position, garu sana garu sini..haha and at first, her hair turned to become so senget..grrrr..then, my mother asked me to alter here and there untill we made it!!!miahahaha.. [ok, x smpai thap death la kan]..haha plus, it's quite difficult for us because her hair a little bit cute..melengkoi-lengkoi (if u get my words here)..kikiki

yeah..sometimes i talked and asked my sister about her hair..

"neeca, cantiklaa rambut adik.."
"mestilaaaa" (she said proudly) haha
"k.nish nak la rmbut adik..jum kita nk wat mcm mna?"(i wanted to test her by questioning like that..haha and i was surprised by her answer..kakaka
"alaaaa.. senang jaa..gunting rmbut adik pastu boh gam, pastu lekat kat rmbut k.nish.."(dgn slambanyaa)haha

well..thats their own world :)

still had time to pose!!!

she's ready..haha

haha..this's funny!!!she's trying not to move..


naahhh..a big kiss for u!!!hahah

p/s : i miss u <3

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