Wednesday, 9 January 2013


first of all... ALHAMDULILLAH :) u know (maybe some of u) heheh..i've just started my degree program after struggling for the final exam last year (november) n i was dup dap dup dap waiting for the result..and it was quite incredible (yeah, even though not in the dean's list but i think its good enough..heheh) because the questions were so damn unexpected..especially that literature thing..aurghhh..but the salient thing was i tried my best!!!
i still remember my friend said "gilaaaa..rasa macam nk buat2 pengsan ja jwab soklan td"..haha..yaa that time i just goreng the answer that i felt correct..pheww

so..the degree thing..this is my first sem in degree..basically i have 4 main subjects..

# literature in english
# introduction to linguistics
# philosophy and education in Malaysia
# child development

hurmm seems so easy rite?but totally not..i must study really hard this time+smart..hopefully :)
btw, this is just the beginning..a little cute step (heh?)..there much more things that i need to bear in the just keep my head high and walk straight..everything's gonna be ok rite.

 "if it's not ok, then it's not the end"-Hlovate

so all the best to me!!! n not forget to my beloved friends also :) chaiyok2!!!

hannan n izzati :)

on our first day

kay fine!please ignore the lipgloss..haha

i don't know what i was doing there
so.. i hope that im gonna be super enthusiastic to colour my degree life just like my beloved youngest sister!!!

oooyeaahhhh..bring it on babeh!!!

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