Friday, 4 January 2013

sum up the HOLIDAY

hello there..
well i had finished my foundation course (Alhamdulillah) yeaa!!! passed the exam-that the most important thing..wee..
enjoyed the superb holiday after that..i was really loved the time i had spent with my family during the holiday *as you know im the family-type girl* haha..
i could spent my time with my crazy sisters, accompanied my mother to do some window shopping and it was heaven on earth!!! and wonder to my dad's incredible question ever : "nak kawin?"..huh, i didn't buy that trick anyway..i knew that he's just kidding..hurmm..

so lets sum up the other things that happened during my holiday..

  •  i went to Penang with my family.. and plus another 3 families..haha amek hang!! it was a short vacation actually..we just spent two days there..had a big dinner smpai pecah perut... jalan2 n sembang2 then we went back to Kedah..


  • then, i went to Shah Alam and KL with my FEMALE cousin..sengaja stress kan female tu incase ada yg trtanya tnya..haha *perasan..we went there by bus..traveller tegar ok! haha.. so, i went there for four days..had a very sweet time with other cousins there..

  • the last place was Cameron Highlands..finally..after 7-8 years i guess..haha..soo kesiann..also for four days..and i ate a lot of maggie with fresh vegetables and it was splendid..dah la sejuk kan..pkena maggie pnas plak..pheww..goshh can u imagine that?? jgn smpai mleleh air liur sudah..haha oo yeahh, the weather was pretty cold with light rain that i only took bath less that 5 minutes..huhuuu..

cameron valley

ibu likes it!haha

well.. that's all..not really much from me..juz wanna share with u awesome guys :)
yess..looking forward for the next holiday..haha


  1. whoooooo yeeeeeaaaayyyyyy!!!!! i was with her at the three places. love you sis!

    1. a'ah kan..bru prasan..kakaka very nice holiday..thanks very u too!

  2. haloooooo sis, please upload more photos espcially family photos:)

  3. miss you budak kecik, all the best in your degree. not to forget to congratulate you for your great achievement during your diploma!your hard work being paid!

    1. haha macehh..k.nurul nehh bukan diploma ja..ok going to miss u alot..daa